For remotoring your precious and expensive brass or precision plastic Model Railroad locomotives in all scales from Z to G including Narrow Gauge. Make them crawl at scale speed to match your mountain scenery. The MOTORMAN has a wide variety of new and surplus CORELESS and highest quality conventional CAN motors. Highest quality ALNICO, and RARE EARTH (Neodymium or Samarian Cobalt) MOTORS and GEARHEADS deliver the maximum torque available.

A limited quantity of surplus units are available at $19.95 plus shipping while quantities last.

Faulhaber, Maxon, Portescap Swiss made, and many other, gearmotors and gearheads are available at wholesale OEM plus 15% plus shipping. The sizes available include(*) 816, 1016, 1212, 1219, 1224, 1319, 1330, 1336, 1516R, 1524, 1616, 1624, 1717, 1727, 2017, 2020, 2034(gearmotor only), 2224R, 2230, 2233 and all compatible standard gearheads and mounting hardware. Custom gearheads are available in ratios of 1.85, 2.33, 3.44, 4.33, 5.04, 6.3, 8.04, 11.96, 15, 22 and up.

E-mail the Motorman with your request or send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope for any information not available here. Most stat sheets and drawings are available by e-mail, in PDF format.

(*) Motor Numbering System - the fist two digits of a motor number represent the outside diameter of the motor, in millimeters (mm). The third and forth digits represent the length of the motor body, in mm. Example: 1624 is a motor that is 16 mm in diameter and 24 mm long. One inch equals 25.4 mm. Therefore, a 1624 motor is 0.63 inches in diameter and 0.94 inches long.
Sleeving is available to meet your desired shaft diameter requirements

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